Administration Committee

The purpose of this coordinating committee is to ensure that responsible stewardship of the parish’s material resources is exercised. This coordinating committee serves as a resource to other parish committees and as an initiator of action within its own areas of responsibility.

Formation Chair - Dutch Boehnlein

Clean-up/Fix-up Facilities

Members of this group lend a hand several times throughout the year for special projects such as spring yard work, painting and other occasional chores around the facility.

Clerical Assistance

The parish office welcomes volunteer clerical assistance for various activities such as to help prepare for mass mailings, answer the phone, fling, computer assistance, etc. Some duties may be performed at home.

Long-Range Planning

The purpose is to assist the parish in developing and updating a parish strategic five year plan annually. Assistance is also provided in developing an annual budget based on the five year plan. Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Money Counter

Persons are needed to count the Sunday collection on Monday mornings on a rotating schedule.

Formation Committee

The purpose of this committee is to foster the Christian formation of all parishioners and others interested. It focuses the energies of the parish on teaching Catholic beliefs, traditions and values in the context of deepening spirituality and lifelong conversion.

Formation Chair - Jane Wehner

Baptism Preparation

Classes for new or soon-to-be parents are held quarterly.


Volunteers are needed to be catechists, teacher aides, and helpers to assist with family gatherings and office work. Classes are held each Sunday during the school year for children age 3.5 through 8th grade.

Marriage Preparation

In a couple-to-couple format, married couples help engaged couples prepare for marriage. Couples explore the significant aspects of marriage during five discussion meetings. It is a way for you to explore your marriage too!

Rite of Christian Initiation

The Rite of Christian Initiation is a process where persons interested in joining the Catholic community can reflect on their own faith journey and learn more about the Roman Catholic faith. If you know of anyone interested in our faith, please let us know, and we will contact them. We need people to be part of the RCIA team as sponsors and hospitality ministers.

Children’s Religious Education

For children Preschool to Grade 8. Class times for are 10:00am – 11:15am, September – April

Nursery Volunteers

Adults and youth assist the nursery care monitor during the 8:30am and 11:30am liturgies. Helping here and in the pre-school class can help earn high school service hours.

Moms Ministry

M.O.M.S. (Moms Offering Moms Support). Moms of all stages meet on the second Sunday of the month for support, great food, and good conversation.

Young Families

Volunteers needed to help plan and coordinate activities and special events for young families and/or couples.

Youth Group

Volunteers needed to help plan and coordinate activities and service projects for Jr. High through High School youth. Youth are invited to gather for fun and/or service projects.

Parish Life/Social Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Parish Life/Social Outreach Committee is to promote human need services to fellow parishioners and the community around us. We also bring attention to and influence peace and justice issues for all. Parish Life/ Social Outreach Chair - Pat Sexton

Parish Life


This committee assists the bereaved family in such ways as preparing food, serving meals, taking food to funeral home or home, or making phone calls. Prepared food can be dropped off at the parish.

Newcomers to the Community

We are always delighted to welcome new members to the community. A meeting will be set to familiarize you with the parish and make you aware of opportunities for involvement. Call the Parish House for an appointment or fill out a white card in church and you will be contacted.

Parish Nurse/Health & Wellness

A group of health care providers who have come together to offer a holistic approach to health and wellness in our parish community and the community around us. Through presentations, screenings and individual contacts, these members function as health consultants, educators, advocates and liaisons to existing community resources.


Volunteers are needed to take pictures or videotape special events in the parish for historical purposes.

Seniors Group

If you enjoy gathering with your senior peers for fun, service and spiritual gatherings, then join our senior citizens’ group, the Rome’n Seniors. Our seniors and St. Leonard’s seniors, Leos on the Go, gather a couple of times monthly for concerts, plays, movies, tours, the races, bingo, talks, book club, etc. Besides enjoying a meal out with most outings, we also have a couple of special meals a year to celebrate a holiday. We also do an outreach at Nazareth Home-Clifton and one at Nazareth Home-Newburg each year. “Seniors of all ages” are welcome. Many times we need drivers or other assistance, so if you are interested, either sign up to join the activities or to help.

Social Event Planners

A social event can help to promote fellowship, entertainment, or other activities that bring the community together. They may include a potluck dinner, a dance, or any special activity. This is another way to "rub elbows" with people in the community. The volunteers provide hospitality and fellowship.

Table Cloth Ironers

Volunteers are needed to wash and iron table cloths that are used at parish functions.

Telephone Committee

Through the phone committee, information can be disseminated rapidly, and in a personal way to all community members. Each person will be assigned 8-10 names to contact. This is an excellent opportunity for those not able to participate otherwise, to serve others.

Social Outreach

Just Creations, 2722 Frankfort Avenue

Just Creations is a store that sells crafts from third world countries, "crafts that make a world of difference." The store welcomes volunteers for two or three hours daily, weekly or monthly, to assist in selling the goods. (897-7319)

Soup/Open Hand Kitchen

Volunteers are needed to serve meals at the St. Vincent DePaul Community Kitchen, 1026 South Jackson Street. This occurs the first Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm. This is a wonderful service opportunity and only takes about 1 1⁄4 hours, including travel time. You are invited to volunteer your service. A sign-up form is put out in the church four times during the year to choose a month.

St. Leonard Picnic

Volunteers are needed to work at this annual picnic in September which benefits our clustered parish, St. Leonard.

United Crescent Hill Ministries

This organization is a non-profit community ministry involved in many functions and activities which serve the community, e.g., provides meals for the homebound, offers emergency assistance, & plans activities for senior citizens. Volunteers are always welcome. (893-0346)

St. Frances of Rome and St. Leonard Senior Activities

Worship Committee

This committee provides the means for community members to prepare for meaningful participation in the community's rituals. Each member makes an effort to understand the spiritual needs of the people of the faith community at St. Frances of Rome. After determining these needs, appropriate worship celebrations are planned. Active participation by the community is the basic theme of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. Members of the committee, meet four or five times a year for overall planning.

Worship Committee Chair - Paul Bleuel

Acolyte (Altar Server) NEEDED!!

This group is comprised of adult acolytes who assist the priest during liturgy and are mentors for the younger group of servers. Servers are boys and girls of the parish who are encouraged to assist the priest during liturgy. They are scheduled to serve at the weekend and holy day liturgies. We are always in need of people so we invite all those interested to join the group.

Alb Washer

Volunteers are needed to take albs home and wash them. These are the garments worn under the fancy decorated outer garments (Chasubles) during liturgy. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion At each liturgy, ministers assist in distributing Communion or wine. Ministers are scheduled on a rotating basis. A training program is provided at the parish level as well as periodic Archdiocesan training.

Communion to the Ill

Our parish includes a number of homebound and ill members who live either at home or in various care facilities. Ministers are needed to provide a service to those in need. The opportunity to visit and take communion is a reward for both.

Hospitality Minister

These ministers welcome the community before each liturgy. At the presentation of the gifts, they take the bread and wine to the table. At the end of the liturgy, they send the community home with a bulletin. Following the liturgy, the ministers prepare the church for the next celebration. This ministry is open to all ages in the community. Teams are scheduled on a rotating basis. We need ministers for all masses.


The responsibility of the lector is to proclaim the Word of God at liturgy. Lectors are scheduled at a particular liturgy on a rotating basis. Preparation is provided in the spring.

Prayer Intentions

Your intentions will be remembered in prayer. All are welcome to pray at the daily liturgy. The intention book is on a stand in the St. Frances of Rome Candle Room.

Prayer Blankets

Seamstresses are needed to make lap-size blankets in their homes that are given to the sick and homebound.

Sacristy Minister (Sacristans are needed.)

The purpose of sacristans is to augment the work of the regular maintenance person by carefully cleaning the worship space once a week for a month, on a rotating basis.

Usher (Ushers needed 11:30am Mass.)

Ushers are available in back of church before and during liturgy to assist parishioners in seating, answering questions and to give aid in emergency situations. They're also responsible for taking up the weekly offering. There may be additional duties to perform during liturgy on an as-needed basis.