Saint Leonard Gift Campaign

Dear St. Frances of Rome Parishioners:

On August 14, 1887 the first child was baptized at St Frances of Rome. Even before the church building was complete, we were reaching out to touch people’s lives. That ministry continues in so many ways as we care for one another within our community, and as we reach out to those around us and across the world.

Our sister community of St Leonard has already begun a major initiative to transform the education model of their school. Their new 21st century personalized learning model has had great success in many parts of the country but is new to the Catholic school system here in Louisville. Personalized Learning is enabling them to tailor learning programs to support each student, meeting them where they are, and helping them to grow and learn both spiritually and academically in the way best for them. Not only does this new learning program serve o
ur immediate local community but reaches all the way to the west end, Portland area where it allows those without local Catholic schools to succeed and flourish with the same opportunity and Catholic values that we were lucky enough to receive. Here at St Frances of Rome our Discernment Goals speak of us reaching out to the wider community. We have not had a major fundraising initiative in a number of years. We would like to use this opportunity to begin a parish wide fundraising campaign to add additional velocity to the launch of the Personal Learning Program at Saint Leonard School and take steps to ensure the success of so many young people in our community.  We, as a parish community, have the ability to help nurture and pioneer a very unique education model in the Louisville Catholic School system that will expand the opportunity to deliver faith-based learning in new and cutting-edge ways. 

The parish council and I are asking you to consider a gift to help in this outreach to our sister parish. Collectively, we determined it was paramount that every parishioner understands the impact your gifts will make not just for individual students, but for families and our community at large.  We also agreed that you should know your participation in this campaign will not be co-mingled with your already generous support of Saint Frances of Rome Parish.  We have set a goal to raise $30,000, but believe our community has the ability to do more. Whatever is contributed will go to children in a Catholic school that is using the best new education models to pass on our Catholic values. On October, 131 years ago, the church of St Frances of Rome was dedicated. This year we celebrate that dedication on the weekend of October 6 and 7. Along with it we celebrate the many, many blessings that have been ours down through the years. Thank you for using those blessings to reach outside our parish, to help a future generation who will continue the work of God’s love which began here in 1887.
Peace and blessings,

Father Lou

Watch the video to learn more about the fundraiser:

Watch this video to learn more about the new learning program: