Holy Thursday

Lent 2021

Holy Thursday

Thursday, April 1, 2021


John 13:1-15

Reflection by Betty Ramser
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As I reflected on John 13:1-15, I was first struck by the emphasis on the washing of the disciples’ feet instead of the Eucharist, his Body and Blood, being shared at the Last Supper.  Upon further reflection it is clear that the implications of his humble service has a very powerful message.

Jesus washed the feet of all disciples; even those who would betray him or deny him.  It is his example of how we are to live our lives: serving ALL those in need.  It seems to tie into our Baptism, when we are cleansed of our sin.

I recall a Holy Thursday service at Saint Leonard some 30 years ago when our family was invited into the sanctuary to have our feet washed.  I can remember the uncomfortable feeling I had: imagine if that had been done by Jesus?

As you pray on this Holy Thursday, we invite you to reflect: How can you go out of your way to serve others in need?

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