Introduction to our winter Mental Health series

Pastor's Desk

Introduction to our winter Mental Health series

January 14, 2021


For those of us, like me, who struggle with depression, winter can be a difficult time in normal circumstances. I’ve learned through years of experience that I need to take care of the whole self: the mental and physical as well as the spiritual. And I also know that I have to be OK with asking for help with that when I need it. I know, too, that prolonged periods of stress can trigger depression and anxiety in people who don’t normally struggle with those. And life since March of last year has been one very long period of grinding stress for everyone. So we will be presenting resources each week that we hope will offer some ways to help or look for help. For those who know the battle well and those who are new to it. Let’s pray for each other and support each other through this time.


-Fr Lou