The Return of Alleluia!

Pastor's Desk

One of the highlights of the Easter Vigil liturgy is when we sing the Alleluia for the first time since the beginning of Lent.  But thanks to You Know What, we haven’t had the Alleluia since the beginning of Lent 2020!  That’s because the Alleluia before the Gospel is a curious acclamation. Of all of the parts of the Mass, it is the only one that must always be sung.  If not, it is omitted.  So I was delighted that the revised liturgical guidelines from the archdiocese include #16:

“16. Music: Assembly singing with masks is acceptable.”

So the Alleluia is back!  And psalms and hymns!  And maybe we can get a chance to sing “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today!  After all it’s still the Easter season.


-Fr Lou