To all the nations

Pastor's Desk

April 15th, 2021

It’s not exactly a secret that I LOVE fireworks.  Or that Thunder Over Louisville is one of my favorite things all year.  I’ve gone to every Thunder that ever was.  Thanks to the creative people at the Derby Festival, Thunder is back this year, but it’s the fireworks that are doing the going to.  Going to four secret (but not so much anymore) locations around the city.  Much like the Pegasus Parade went to the people, winding its way through neighborhood streets all over the city last Saturday and Sunday.  I’m wondering if this will be a permanent re-thinking of the festival, from being events people go to, to events that go to the people.  But whatever happens, I think there’s something we can learn from this year’s festival.  Because Catholics have tended to think of parishes as something that people go to.  Maybe as we “come back” to church in coming weeks and months, we should start imagining ourselves as churches that go to our neighborhoods.

-Fr Lou