Help us solve the theft of the Internet before time runs out!

We have to figure this out!  We use our Chromebooks everyday and no internet is bad news!  Keep checking back on this page and we will post the results from the lab as they come in!

Check out the Teacher page below for important details that will help us solve this crime!

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Crime Scene Photos

Your Assistants have done some great work and provided you with some crime scene photos!  Pay close attention and you will get important information to help us solve “Who Stole the Internet?”

Teacher Attendance Records

We have done some research and were able to get the attendance records for the teachers!  It has to be someone that was at school Wednesday or Thursday!

Prime Suspects

We found several clues at the crime scene and before the detective team left we got pictures of all of the suspects at their desks!  Put your detective skills to work and examine the contents of their desk and the suspects to see if there is something to tell us “Who Stole the Internet?”

Check Back Tomorrow to Get More Clues!  We can’t live without our Chromebooks!