About Us

We Celebrate.

We enter the mystery of the triune God with the Catholic liturgy of praise and thanksgiving.  Together we commune with eternal sacrifice of Christ through the Holy Spirit and Body of Christ, while commending the universal church and whole world to the saving work of Jesus.  We initiate both Children and Adults into the death, resurrection, and mission of Christ, and come together for healing in God’s mercy.

We Share.

Just as we commune with the mystery of God, we also commune with each other as sisters and brothers in Christ.  St. Frances of Rome is a tight knit, and welcoming family of down to earth and supportive people who treasure each other, and all who come to us.

We Serve.

Just as Christ came to preach the good news, proclaim liberty to captives, and serve rather than be served, we strive to share the love of God and build the Kingdom of Heaven in our neighborhood, city, and world.  We offer aid to local organizations like St Vincent de Paul, Supplies Overseas, and Just Creations, and work for a just society by advocating for systematic changes locally and nationally.

We Grow.

As disciples of Christ, we are constantly deepening our understanding of God’s person and God’s truth.  We nurture ourselves, our families, and our neighbors in the way of the Catholic Christian faith with formation opportunities for adults, children, families, teens, and any seeking to approach God.

Our History

St. Frances of Rome was built along the north side of Payne Street at Cavewood Avenue (now called Clifton Avenue) and dedicated on October 2, 1887, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Our Patron Saint

St. Frances of Rome is one of the great mystics of the 15th century. She was bom in Rome to a noble family in 1384 and died in Rome on March 9, 1440. Her parents were very wealthy.

Our Pastoral Council

The nine elected members of the Parish Pastoral Council are elected, three at a time, over a three-year period.Their purpose is to advise the Pastor and staff on various topics and assignments.