Caring Friends

Mission: We are standing with Christ to give hope in our St Frances of Rome parish community.

Coordinator: Sharon Coonan, Allie Goatley

Together we are the community container in which the seeds of giving and care will be planted in our Christian soil. Through visits, phone calls, cards, and other forms of outreach, volunteers build relationships with homebound parishioners, residents of Clifton Oaks Care Center, and patients at the nearby Nazareth Home.

Volunteers who have been trained and commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs) may also bring Communion to the homebound and to Catholic residents of Nazareth Home.  Click below to learn more about the special ministry of bringing Communion to the homebound at St Frances of Rome.

We must never settle for the idea that our age is a time when nothing significant happens anymore. There is much more to each day than getting thru it. This is still a time for new insights, for personal relationships, for creative activities, for deeper wisdom, and for richer spirituality. -Taken from “Praying the Stations of the Cross for Seniors”