Confirmation Preparation

The disciples spent three years under the tutelage of Christ as he prepared them to share him with the world in the Church.  He granted them a chance to participate in his Paschal Mystery and offered them forgiveness for sins.  After his Ascension, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples at Pentecost to empower them for their mission to serve as priests, prophets, and servants in the world.

It’s much the same for our young people: baptized, tutored in the faith by their parents, and empowered to share in the Church’s mission.  However, Confirmation is not a “coming of age sacrament” or merely a “graduation” from Sunday school.  Rather, we prepare our young people for Confirmation so that they can be receptive to the Holy Spirit and take responsibility for their own mission to witness to Christ as teenagers and throughout their lifelong journey of faith.   We offer our Confirmation candidates personal attention, intellectual and spiritual tools for realizing the reality of God in their lives, and opportunities to take initiative for their life of Christian discipleship.

The joint Confirmation program for teens at St Frances of Rome and our sister parish, St Leonard, takes place every two years, leading up to the Rite of Confirmation with the Archbishop in the springtime.  We will begin our Confirmation program for 7th and 8th graders in August 2021.

For teenagers who are not yet baptized, Confirmation preparation takes place in the context of the RCIA process.

How do I register my son or daughter for Confirmation preparation at St Frances of Rome Parish?

Please contact the parish office,  at 502-896-8401 or via email.

Are you an adult seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation? 

Check out our “Becoming Catholic” page for more information about the RCIA process.