Moving on to a Pre-Kindergarten program is vital for a child. The teachers set up these students for success in a positive and innovative setting. These students are able to learn how to successfully prepare themselves for Kindergarten, based on the Kentucky Standards, through play-based learning. While incorporating The Creative Curriculum, this interactive approach allows students to foster their creativity, develop emotional and social skills, as well as actively support pre-literacy skills. This approach appeals to a child’s organic approach to curiosity and desire to engage in their interests. Each student is able to have large and small group interactions throughout the day, as well as occasional one-on-one time with their teacher in order to grow successful relationships within the classroom.

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In our students’ first year, they are introduced to play-based learning with the classroom set up in centers. While using the Creative Curriculum, students are taught to learning is fun and will come naturally to them! Each child is given the opportunity to learn through a variety of different subjects, based on their own desires and interests. This is a gateway for us, as educators, to introduce them to new experiences, thoughts, and vocabulary. Children in this classroom will have a great time as they learn beneficial life and academic skills. Our students are ready to learn, and approach it in an engaging way that allows them to feel happy and enthusiastic!

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