School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is established by the Pastor, in accord with Archdiocesan policy, to assist him and the Principal in the governance of St. Leonard parish school. When SAC meets as Pastor, Principal, and members, and agrees on a policy matter, the decision is effective and binding on all. SAC shall be a consultative board that cooperates in the policy-making process by formulating and adapting, but never enacting policy. The Pastor enacts the policy and the Principal implements the policy.

The areas in which SAC has responsibility and/or will be consulted are:
-Planning (Long Range Plan)

-Policy development and formulation

-Offer financial advice

-Selection of the Principal

-Development (public relations/marketing)


To ensure good communication among parish groups, the Parent/Teacher Organization, Finance Committee, Athletic Department, and Enrollment committee shall report periodically.

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New Vision Statement

St. Leonard Parish School wants to be the school of choice for families seeking a personalized and innovative approach to learning.

School Accreditation Summary

for school visit dated 11/17 – 11/18/12

Parent Feedback Summary 2013

(from October, 2013)