Catholic Education is learning with a purpose. Here at St. Leonard, we truly believe in our community working together for the fulfillment of the whole child. By incorporating our curriculum, Virtues of Practice by the Dominican Sisters of Nashville, we teach our young learners the importance of specific virtues we as Catholics embody in our everyday lives. Each month, a different virtue is represented in the classroom, where the class will learn what it means, where they see it around them, and how they can learn to adopt it into their own lives. The class will also participate in engaging activities and stories throughout the month, based on their current virtue.

St. Leonard Preschool also participates in going to weekly Mass on Tuesday mornings. Every week, the children join their fifth-grade buddies, who mentor them through their spiritual journey. Introducing them to the church at this age is beneficial for them to be comfortable and feel accepted in this environment. This allows the students to feel welcomed when they join in with their buddies, who serve as a moral role model as they continue their education and Christian values through their years with us.