Steve comes to us from a retail background where for the last 29 years, he worked at Kroger in a variety of leadership roles within the company. Steve is a graduate of Trinity High School, and received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Louisville. He accepted the role of Parish Community Administrator in August of 2019. This role is responsible for managing the business, administrative needs, facility, communication, and most recently, the digital infrastructure of both parishes. Being able to act as a bridge between the two sister-parishes allows Steve to leverage the strengths of each parish to benefit its partner parish where it comes to communication, vendors, and supply management. In the past year, Steve has also driven the implementation of new vehicles for communication via the newsletter, website, and livestreaming of Mass.

Steve is married to his wife of 21 years, Kara King. They have three sons who are heaven-sent blessings to their family. When not working at the parishes, Steve enjoys tinkering in his workshop, working in the yard at various projects, hanging out with his sons, or relaxing with a cold beverage while watching the sunset with Kara.